With the advancement of technology the purchase price of a printer has come down to a great extent. But the cost of running a printer has not come down to the same extent. Printer ink amounts to be the most expensive of all printer supplies.But it is possible to save money on your printer ink if you follow these suggestions.

There are many ways of replacing printer ink. You can buy brand new printer cartridges from the printer manufacturer; buy re manufactured OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges or printer ink refill kits. Of all the options available compatible cartridges and refill kits are the least expensive. These offer good value for money and the print is of good quality as long as printing is restricted to black text. Brand new cartridges are the best if you want to printouts of pictures and graphics; but these are also the most expensive.

Buying printer cartridges online will save you a lot of money. There are several online dealers of printer ink and cartridges. These online dealers offer discounts on purchases. Buying online gives you the option of doing your research on the various suppliers and choosing the best discount price. These suppliers will deliver printer cartridges free of cost right at your doorstep, saving you money on traveling and shipping.

If you use your printer a lot, then it is advisable to think ahead of time. Having an extra printer cartridge at home will save you money. If your printer suddenly runs out of inkFeature Articles, you don’t have to go to the retail printer store and buy printer ink at a considerably higher price. Online printer ink dealers offer cartridges and ink at a much lower price than the retail store and there is no harm in having an extra cartridge at home.

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